Entries - Natural

Any single piece of wood, which may be turned on the lathe or shaped with other tools and retains a part of the natural surface of the wood as it was found, or after the bark has fallen off.


Ancient Matai natural edge
Catalogue Number: 505

The piece was placed on a backing board on the lathe, with tail stock holding it in position to turn the off-center bowl. It is 330mm long, 250mm wide and 80mm high, finished with Danish oil.

Ancient Ruin
Catalogue Number: 498

Celebrating the beauty of a rugged, weather beaten tree that time forgot. This ancient ruin was pulled from a river gully in Mangaweka and has taken on a new life. Timber: Black Maire. Size: 360mm x 170mm. Finish: Danish Oil.

Beauty Revealed
Catalogue Number: 468

Beauty Revealed

My ambition was to create a centre piece bowl that would unlock the beauty of this unassuming piece of red beech drift wood found on the Fiordland coast. It’s turned asymmetrically to ensure the live edge was retained. Finish: Beall. 300x120mm.

Black Maire Natural Edged Bowl
Catalogue Number: 577

Turned from a Black Maire log recovered after 60 years on the forest floor.  The natural edge shows the sapwood having been completely rotted away.  Walnut oil finish.  366mmdia x 146mm high.  22mm wall thickness.

Catalogue Number: 622

Little bowl with exploding life. Base, neck and blowout made from a single piece of standard mallee.

Small-ish, 70mm x 70mm. Three wood colours: dark reds base, cream neck leading into natural untouched spikes.

Lathed, micro-carved, buffed without any colours added.

Highly Commended in Natural
Blue Gum Reaching For The Sky
Catalogue Number: 475

Blue Gum Burl inlayed with copper to the voids which occur when this timber dries  

420 H 140 Dia 

Lacquer  Stain Copper embellishment 

Branching into Boxes
Catalogue Number: 528

A lidded box turned crossgrain from a branch with a live edge on the rim, and a live edge lid with finial turned from a piece of the same branch.  

Diameter 90mm x Height 100mm

Highly Commended in Natural
Cat from Behind
Catalogue Number: 536

A piece of locally grown American Elm (Ulmus americana) turned wet and then sanded when dry.  Treated with Rustins Danish oil to enhance grain colour and then finished with spray lacquer. 270mm diameter.

Clock for New Horizons
Catalogue Number: 477

Made From Mallee Burl. 110mm in Width. 


Cloud Wine
Catalogue Number: 603

Floating Emerging Goblet (Gardenia sp.) The piece of bowl gouge tip is the result of contact with the dark spot at the center of the goblet stem which is a nail running through the wood. 158mm High.

Distorted Apple
Catalogue Number: 398

Wood: Apple

Length: 160mm

Height: 60mm

Finish: Oil


Turned from a wet piece of gnarly apple wood and left to dry, which has created a very textural leathery feel to the piece.

Fractured Elements
Catalogue Number: 448

Inspired by a volcanic eruption but the shape is inspired by a dragon’s egg. The wood is omega plum which I have hollowed to 8mm and finished with Beall buffing system. Stands 180mm tall and is lifted by three feet.


2nd in Natural
Leaves On A Rope 6
Catalogue Number: 464

Mallee Burl with live or natural edge 

400 x349mm W  x 110 H

I always feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to turn this timber as you never know what lies within.


Lost Rugby Ball
Catalogue Number: 537

A wet-turned bowl from locally grown Yunnan Poplar (Populus yunnanensis). Sanded when dry and treated with Rustins Danish oil to enhance the grain colour.  Then finished with spray lacquer. 210mm diameter.

Mac Clothed
Catalogue Number: 539

A dry branch of Cupressus macrocarpa saved from the fire.  The bark was secured with spray lacquer before turning and the cut surfaces are finished with spray lacquer. An ebony pin ensures correct alignment of the lid. Height 150mm.

Montery Cypress crotch
Catalogue Number: 481

wood : Montery Cypress ( macrocarpa )

length = 350mm

width = 320mm

thickness = 5mm

finish = danish oil 2 layers

Nature's wonder
Catalogue Number: 442

Crotch piece of apricot turned sideways to produce this effect with branch showing on side, natural edge rim and body with ornate base. Several coats of lacquer buffed with Yorkshire grit then fine paste Yorkshire grit. Size H 190 mm x 120 mm dia.

Nominally natural
Catalogue Number: 549

A simple pohutukawa natural edge vessel 180mm in diameter challenging my first attempt at hollowing. Sanded through the grades and finished with EEE and natural wax.