Entries - Ornamental

Any ornamental sculptured or abstract item made principally of wood. The item may be embellished with other materials. This may be a carving; or carved, textured, or painted woodturning; or marquetry, intarsia; or scroll saw work which creates an ornamental item from one or many pieces of wood; or any other wooden item which the maker considers to be ornamental.

"Juggle This"
Catalogue Number: 586

Singapore Ball in Gum and Purple Heart.

Gum Sphere (9cm diameter), 14 Purple Heart spikes - free floating (2.5cm length x 1.6cm diameter)

Ebony base (3cm tall x 4.5cm diameter). Overall dimensions - 12cm tall x 9cm wide

A Fine Balance
Catalogue Number: 499

Molten rock meets glacial ice. Inspired by Iceland – a land of fire and ice, yet life exists. A statement feature for your home. This artwork spins freely: choose between two contrasting viewpoints. Timber: Macrocarpa and Sycamore. Size: Stands 1.5m tall.

A Parliament
Catalogue Number: 491

Fun  and humorous project, walnut, Rewarewa, Spalted silver beech, Lemon wood, Sycamore. A collection of owls. Size: H 200 mm to 110 mm x 45 mm dia.

Ancestral Angel, Tree of Life
Catalogue Number: 450

This cuckoo clock styled house is a connection to my German ancestry. The Waldorf Steiner inspired woolen angel is holding the Tree of Life symbol. Swamp kauri, matai, rimu and oak. 43 cm height, 24 cm width, 19 cm depth.

Billy Tea
Catalogue Number: 446

Billy tea

Inspired by a relic from a derelict hut. Made from wet turned blue gum burl, hollowed then scorched with a blow torch to create a weathered and battered look. Buffed with a scouring pad then lightly gilded with bronze gilding wax. 160x200mm

Bird nest
Catalogue Number: 484

consist of 2 items, small bowl and wooden stick


wood = Barberry

diameter = 160mm

hight = 60 mm

wood stick;

wood = Pittosporum

Dads Olive
Catalogue Number: 470

Dads Olive 

Made from a branch of an Olive tree that my father planted 42 years ago 

With added Olive leaves natural bark and natural voids 

this piece holds special memories.  

Sitting on three feet 100 mm w x100 mm h 

Deep in Thought
Catalogue Number: 604

Cone and base of Casuarina cunninghamiana. Base turned and carved. Crack on lip of cone stabilized and left for effect. 85mm H; Cone = 63mm H x 62mm Diam.

Fern Edged Bowl
Catalogue Number: 558

Redwood from Rotorua with carved silver fern leaves that have been ebonised.

Bowl finish french polish/shellac.

Height 7cm, Diameter 23cm.

Fluid plane
Catalogue Number: 585

Hollow sphere, textured for handling with fluid planes.

Recycled timber from residential Kauri posts, 110mm diameter , pyrography patterned, micro-carved, dyes, paints and lacquer.

Gold Fields Burl
Catalogue Number: 400

Red Malle Burl  Turned  Carved 

Gilders paste stains to rim  Danish Oil and Lacquer 

Sits on three feet 

135 x 280mm

Golden plane
Catalogue Number: 534

Golden plane sound, hollow and colour bright,

Gold leaf on recycled house kauri, 200mm long , pyrography patterning, green and blue dyes and polishing.

Highly Commended in Ornamental
Karearea strike
Catalogue Number: 466

NZ Falcon (Karearea) striking a Bellbird. Wood (including falcon's feet & talons) is Macrocarpa. It is 680mm tall x 600mm x 400mm. Feathers textured with pyrography. Birds painted with acrylics. Hung with rod embedded in wing. Completed October 2021.

Leaves in motion
Catalogue Number: 440

This was my very first carving of a wood turned piece. The wood is Lemonwood it was a 4 pronged crotch piece. The base and half ball are black Walnut. Finish is 7 coats of lacquer and airbrushed. Size H 300 mm x base 140 mm top 180 mm.

LED Lantern
Catalogue Number: 582

Purple heart and plain wood. C Frame laminated to allow wiring to lamp. Koro and fern pyrography used with drilled holes to allow light through. All symmetrically formed to be pleasing on the eye.

450mm Height

325mm Wide

Leopard pod
Catalogue Number: 532

Leopard Pod, Hollowed with strong changing patterns.

Pyrography patterns on recycled Kauri house posts, 180mm long with dyes colouring and lacquer ,



Lifting off and leaving it all behind
Catalogue Number: 617

The hollow form / natural edge was turned from Kowhai (Sophora sp.), the base is from Casuarina cunninghamiana, and finial from Gardenia sp. The entire piece = 308mm H; Hollow form = 133mm H x 154mm Dia.

Light on a rock in the ocean
Catalogue Number: 580


Segmented (12) Maple Beech and Purple Heart rings sitting on a created rock of pine with viewing decks of mahogany with 12 bollards, a rotating LED light, mahogany roof with a finial

35cm wide x 110cm high