Entries - Hollow Forms/Vases

Hollow forms are wooden items which have been made from a single piece of wood and hollowed while turning on a lathe through a hole which is significantly smaller than the diameter of the finished work. Vases are wooden items which are at least twice as high as they are wide and have been hollowed while turning on a lathe. Hollow forms and vases may be decorated with other materials.

2nd in Hollow Forms/Vases
A Stand of Tubes
Catalogue Number: 502

Six casuarina tubes turned wet and allowed to warp with a finial of nashi pear.

Finished using wire brush, carving, ammonia fuming, oil, wax and paint.

All have a base thickness of about 7mm and height up to 22.5cm.

Beach one
Catalogue Number: 625

New Zealand beech hollow form, turned to a thickness of 5mm on the sides and 11mm on the bottom. Finished with oil and bees wax. Height 110mm, Diameter 200mm

Beach two
Catalogue Number: 626

NZ beech hollow form. Turned to a thickness of 5mm on the top and 11mm on the bottom. Height 100mm, Diameter 250mm.

Finished in oil and beeswax

Bud Vase
Catalogue Number: 518

Laminated Vase {weed pot}

Glass/plastic tube can be inserted for fresh flower.

 Sanded up to 600 grits and then finished with Danish oil.


Highly Commended in Hollow Forms/Vases
Coloured Pot
Catalogue Number: 486

This vessel has been dye from the inside out to make the colours make cell like patterns and metallic powders wash down to make it look like it's alive and moving. 

Height 6.5cm

Width 10.5cm

Wall thickness 3mm

Catalogue Number: 443

Apricot pot turned end for end creating cool bark design, Lemonwood base. Several coats of lacquer airbrushed. Yorkshire grit finish. Size H 100 mm x 100 mm Dia.

Highly Commended in Hollow Forms/Vases
Dress Casual
Catalogue Number: 538

Turned and hollowed from a somewhat beaten up piece of Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia).  190mm high. Finished with Rustins Danish oil.

Egyptian Collar
Catalogue Number: 506

Macrocarpa hollow form with three feet .

15cm high X 24cm wide. 3cm diameter throat to 12.5cm deep hollowing

Layered Ribbed collar in Egyptian style. Stain and acrylic paint to provide patina finish to textured surface. Carnauba wax buffed finish.


Emerging Bamboo
Catalogue Number: 402

Inspired by glimpses of bamboo emerging from within a basket. Thin turned sycamore with hand drawn bamboo pattern using polycolour pencils and relief carved with orange peel pattern. Base is basket weave pyro. Finished with lacquer. 160mm X 120mm.

Green Kauri Vase
Catalogue Number: 559

Ancient green swamp kauri from Dargaville with french polish/ shellac finish.

Height 15cm.

Jacaranda Vase
Catalogue Number: 410

Vase made of Jacaranda with 3 carved feet. Wet turned to 2mm wall thickness. Very little deformation shown after drying.

Diameter 10cm

Height 15cm

Kauri Gum Hollow Vase
Catalogue Number: 513

Kauri Gum hollow vase sourced from Dargaville New Zealand.

Vase has a fluted top edge rim and is finished with wax.

Kauri Vase
Catalogue Number: 560

Swamp kauri from Mamaranui, Dargaville.

Height 19cm.

French polish/shellac finish.

Kawakawa bush
Catalogue Number: 633

This vase is turned from Rimu and has Kawakawa leaves carved into it and hand painted. Size 190mm high x 130mm wide.

1st in Hollow Forms/Vases
Kohuhu 7
Catalogue Number: 394

Wood: Black Maire

Length: 220mm

Texture: Pyrography
Finish: Iridescent acrylic paint and lacquer, inside oiled.

This is a multi-axis turned and carved artwork made from Black Maire.

The vessel is turned on multiple centres to create a three sided vessel.


light and airy
Catalogue Number: 543

Totara throughout  size 230mm dia x130mm high

Little hollow form
Catalogue Number: 598

This is my first hollow form, wood is European Oak, the rim and inside has been ebonised, It stands 40mm high x 125mm wide and a rim 30mm wide

Lost Treasure from Atlantis
Catalogue Number: 496

Subtle textures and highlighted windows using metallic pigments evoke a sense of intrigue and mystery. Timber: Irish Yew. Size: 263mm x 70mm. Finished with lacquer.