Entries - Plates/Platters

Wooden items which have been turned to a plate/platter shape on a lathe and may be decorated with other materials. The height must not exceed 15% of the diameter e.g. a 400mm diameter piece must not exceed 60mm in height.

Avocado Platter
Catalogue Number: 590

Avocardo is a delightful fiber to work that has come from an over-pruned tree with the resulting busy grain. Diameter is 385mm and height 55mm.

Burned out and living on the ragged edge
Catalogue Number: 602

Plate turned from spalted maple (Acer sp.); Base made from Casuarina cunninghamiana. 230mm L x 214mm W x 26mm H.  Plate can be removed from base to sit flat or set on any side in the stand.

Elm Platter
Catalogue Number: 594

The Elm used here was still sappy so the ebonising solution turned the timber blue and is a surprise to many.  Diameter is 280mm and height is 35mm.

English Ash Plate
Catalogue Number: 591

Being a deciduous tree Ash can be really challenging but the journey is always fun and therefore leaves extra opportunities to ebonise and colour the freshly exposed timber. Diameter is 225mm and height 35mm.

Engrained Colour
Catalogue Number: 436

The beautiful silky grain of this platter is highlighted by the subtly coloured rim.  Made from macrocarpa and measuring 320mm wide and 38mm high.  The finish is lacquer.

Kahikatea Dish
Catalogue Number: 576

Turned from Kahikatea wood, lines burnt with pyrograph then textured with a round burr and airbrushed with acrylic paint.  Lacquered finish.  442mmdia x 66mm high.

2nd in Plates/Platters
Kohekohe Plate
Catalogue Number: 589

The Kohekohe plate has been created from a burr salvaged from a windblown tree washed up on an East Coast beach. A pleasure to create. Diameter is 215mm.

Multifacet Platter
Catalogue Number: 428

Turned from a piece of Australian Redwood. 

Mathematical calculations determine the exact length of each facet.  The outside diameter is  440mm.

The finish, sprayed two pot Mirotone lacquer

Pacific Platter
Catalogue Number: 435

Standing at 280mm x 25mm high, this platter is turned from beautiful NZ kauri recycled from my family's 120 year old Coromandel homestead.  It is finished in water colours, tapa cloth and hemp string, and oversprayed in lacquer.

1st in Plates/Platters
Pacific Rim 2
Catalogue Number: 397

Diameter: 365mm

Turned from a beautiful piece of Jarrah burl, bought back in the late 80’s in Western Australia. Turned to an even thickness of 7mm, apart from the rim, with Haarlem oil finish, pyrography and weaving.

Pith Wood Platter
Catalogue Number: 485

This has been turned from the pith section of a large Banksia tree and has naturally warped that pulled and pushed it into this great earthy form. 

Height 4.5cm

Width 32cm 

Finish Haarlem Oil

Highly Commended in Plates/Platters
Platter delight
Catalogue Number: 461

Red Malle Burl Plate/platter  300 x 260 x 35 high

Finished with Danish oil 

The outer rim has been left natural 

Pohutukawa Hidden In Kauri
Catalogue Number: 471

Ancient Kauri Platter 410mm D x 50mm High/deep

Two of my favorite trees brought together as a partnership 

Carved Textured and embellished 

Catalogue Number: 434

A burst of seasonal colours spring from this macrocarpa platter.  Measuring 285mm wide and 20mm high, it is airbrushed with water-based dyes and finished in lacquer.

Sweet Chestnut Platter
Catalogue Number: 593

Textured rimmed Sweet Chestnut  one of many options that these trees can offer a creative person. Diameter is 285mm and height 30mm.

3rd in Plates/Platters
Totara with Kaikaka and Copper
Catalogue Number: 474

This Totara tree had a rare disease called kaikaka which looks similar to bug infestation 

The natural occurring holes have been inlayed with copper

340mm Dia 50mm High