Entries - Bowls

Wooden items which have been made into a bowl shape which may be decorated, coloured, textured, embellished or otherwise enhanced.

4 Cornered winged bowl
Catalogue Number: 544

Salvaged from wood stack with natural holes, cracks and knots.

Bowl walls 6mm approximately, top wing 2mm thick.



Catalogue Number: 415

The border is made of lancewood and rimu, the pohutukawa bowl had to be turned to an accurate size to fit the border.

Size is 24.5cm wide, 4.5cm high

Finished with Osmo oil

Banksia bowl
Catalogue Number: 600

This beautiful 175mm wide x 100mm high Banksia bowl was turned 2 months ago, wood is from a close neighbour and sourced about 1 year ago, it has a beal buff finish.

Beauty of Decay
Catalogue Number: 524

A rolled edge bowl with pyrography and oil pencil embellishment. Matte finish.

Timber: Spalted Poplar

Dimensions: 255mm diameter x 70mm height

Big Blue
Catalogue Number: 459

Large Blue Gum Burl 400w x 150H

A stunning piece of timber that has had Copper inlay placed in the voids typical of this timber.

A real focal point that would enhance any foyer or entrance  

Catalogue Number: 520

Potpurri bowl

Wood is Pururi

Sanded to 600 grits and finished with Food safe Danish oil.


Highly Commended in Bowls
Chain Link Bowl
Catalogue Number: 417

Hand crafted whittled chain link bowl which has 129 individual links attached to the frame. Made of Redwood from one solid piece of timber. Initially turned and then the links whittled by hand using knives. Size 280mm wide and 170mm high.

3rd in Bowls
Chasing your Tail
Catalogue Number: 463

Brown Mallee fruit bowl 

360x320x110mm h 

The inspiration for this piece came from when I went into my woodshed and a family of Geckos had made this burl their home .

Chip n' Dip
Catalogue Number: 519

Chip and Dip Bowl

A glass/ceramic bowl is placed in the center for the dip.

Wood is Young totara

Sanded up to 400 grits and finished with Food safe oil {Ece Wood oil; organoil - Ecowood oil}

Colour the river
Catalogue Number: 616

Laminated Kauri and Siligna 235mm in diameter sitting on 3 feet.

Colours of tides
Catalogue Number: 605

Pohutukawa dish with a diameter of 285mm. 

Catalogue Number: 413

Natural edge macrocarpa burr bowl, from trees planted on Banks Peninsula around 1860. 220 diameter x 150 high. Finished in clear lacquer.

Decorated Bowl
Catalogue Number: 588

Wood Paulonia with Acrylic painted Rim

Size 350 mm Diameter

Height 60mm


Dragon Time
Catalogue Number: 581

A deep 'begging bowl' bowl, with pyrography embellishment depicting a dragon clutching a pearl and a phoenix in flight on opposite sides of the bowl. Manuka beeswax finish.

Timber: Poplar

Dimensions: 160mm diameter x 80mm height

Ebonised Ash Plate
Catalogue Number: 592

Great for colouring, carving and texturing with so many artistic opportunities.  Diameter is 220mm and height 45mm.

Highly Commended in Bowls
Catalogue Number: 395

Wood: Tawa

Texture: Pyrography with iridescent metallic acrylic paint

Legs: Stainless steel

Multi axis turned.

Length: 185mm

Height: 50mm

Turned on one axis to create the outer form then rotated to create the bowl and top edge.

1st in Bowls
Enigma too
Catalogue Number: 399

Wood: Jarrah Burl

Length: 230mm

Height: 35mm

Texture: Pyrography

Finish: Oil


Turned on one axis to create the outer form then mounted on a faceplate to create the bowl and top edge.

Fruit bowl
Catalogue Number: 556

Mottled salinga gum with french polish/shellac finish.

Height 10.5cm.