Entries - Domestic Ware

Wooden items which may be decorated with other materials. This includes items such as rolling pins, spoons/scoops, egg cups, goblets, salt/pepper shakers, egg timers, lamp stands, stools, bowls and any other wooden items the maker believes to be utilitarian in a domestic situation.

Abstract salt and pepper shakers
Catalogue Number: 455

These pair are Laminated with 10 different timbers to create an abstract effect. Size: H 120 mm x 45 mm.

Another World
Catalogue Number: 497

A glimpse into the hidden world beneath your feet. A unique propagation station for the plant lover in your life. Timber: Elm. Size: 170mm x 175mm. Finish: Danish Oil and Lacquer. Miniature orchid not included.

1st in Domestic Ware
Chess Set
Catalogue Number: 423

Chess men made from Black Walnut and Hard Maple. Chessboard and box made from Wenge and Hard Maple.

Chessboard 470mm square. Chess box 260mm x 140mm x 120mm.

Cotton Reel Stool
Catalogue Number: 438

This farmhouse style 3 legged stool stands 615mm high and the Tasmanian blackwood seat has a 290mm diameter.  The legs and staggered stretchers are ancient NZ kauri recycled from my family's 120 year old Coromandel homestead.  The finish is beeswax.

Fig with Ring Goblet
Catalogue Number: 561

Fig wood goblet with free floating ring.

French polish/shellac finish.

Height 22cm.

Fun sphere
Catalogue Number: 509

A bright fun sphere for children to play and make work.

Hollowed recycled Kauri and bright panel pins, lathe turned, carved, micro-dremeled, pyrography dyed and paint embellished. 80mm diameter plus base. Display ring not needed of course for children's use.


Handled Tray
Catalogue Number: 405

Tray with handles and feet, turned as one piece then the wood removed for the handles.

L 400mm, W 270mm, H 45mm

Hawaiian-style Mortar and Pestle
Catalogue Number: 606

Calabash Mortar turned from New Zealand Macadamia Nut (Macadamia sp.); Pestle turned from Hawaiian Ohi’a heartwood (Metrosideros polymorpha). Calabash Mortar = 76mm H x 122mm Diam.; Pestle = 124mm L x 32mm at widest Diam.

3rd in Domestic Ware
Hoop Lamp
Catalogue Number: 527

Totally made from Pinus radiata.  This lamp stands 450mm high and is 360mm diameter. The shade was wet-turned to about 1mm thickness.  The other parts all came from the same log.  Finished with spray lacquer.

Laminated candle sticks
Catalogue Number: 451

Base: Matai. Body: Red Oak, Macro, Flowering cherry. Wax ring: Macro. Top: Red Oak. Rings: Walnut and Rimu. Size: H 310 mm x 100 mm base Dia.

Manawa Goblet
Catalogue Number: 562

Ancient swamp manawa from Dargaville.

French polish/shellac finish.

Height 18.5cm.

2nd in Domestic Ware
One Up and one Down
Catalogue Number: 406

Double bowls - one above and one below.

wood - Red Beech Burr

I 370mm, W 185, H 65

Pepper Grinder
Catalogue Number: 430

This pepper grinder is turned from a piece of "Swamp Kauri". The base diameter is 70mm and the top has been turned using three off centre points at 20mm each. 

Finished with 2- pot Mirotone Satin Lacquer.

Highly Commended in Domestic Ware
Pepper Grinder Mill
Catalogue Number: 551

Wood: Matai.

Diameter: 7cm

Height: 29cm 

Texture: Pyrography Koru & flax weaving pattern with custom made metallic paints. This art piece has just under 1/3 design strip up one side. 

Pepper Grinder Mill
Catalogue Number: 467

Wood: Matai.

Diameter: 7cm

Height: 29cm 

Texture: Pyrography flax weaving pattern with custom made metallic paints. This art piece has two swirling flame design on each side copper & greeny gold. 

Radiata pine sculptured lamp
Catalogue Number: 449

Pine lamp inside out turning with birds eye pine base. Size H 480 x 200 mm Dia seven coats lacquer.

Rippled Oak
Catalogue Number: 530

Wood from the very base of a large European oak (Quercus robur).  Turned to about 6mm thick throughout and finished with spray lacquer.  This bin stands 350mm high and is 270mm diameter at its widest part.

Square top salt and pepper shakers
Catalogue Number: 454

Red beech burl, Walnut, Mulberry, Ash, Osage and Apricot 4 rings. finish orange shellac and 5 coats lacquer. Size: H 120 mm x 45 mm dia