Entries - Lidded Boxes

Any wooden item with a lid that fits into or over the body of the work to enclose a usable space within.

15 Degrees of Separation
Catalogue Number: 510

Art deco inspired lidded box, with a twist inside. Solid wood with solid brass hinges. The stylish cone on the back is also functional as a lid support whilst open.  The piece is 150mm.


Aluminium Finial Box
Catalogue Number: 525

Small turned box from Rimu Wood with turned Aluminium finial.

Diameter 55mm x Height 105mm

2nd in Lidded Boxes
Basket Tea
Catalogue Number: 445

The pot, lid and spout are sycamore with a pyrography basket weave and ball design. The knob is deer antler. The handle is bamboo attached to two small carved lugs. Dimensions 160mm x 90mm high. Finished with lacquer.

Bowl of trees
Catalogue Number: 623

Flowering cherry bowl base, red beech lid base, Matai base layer with green swamp Kauri layers and treetops. 50mm tall, with a Paua inlay and a grove of trees making the lidded top.

Lathed, micro-carved and buffed with light lacquer.


Deer Antler Box
Catalogue Number: 522

Lidded box turned from 2 deer antler buttons, with a finial made from ebony wood. 

W75mm x D65mm x H80MM

Catalogue Number: 420

Tawa and possibly blackwood segmented, the inlay is lancewood and rimu the finial is swamp matai, the lid is a snug fit so it needed handles.

Width is 24cm height overall 23cm.

Finish is osmo oil

Evening light on Mt Cook
Catalogue Number: 493

An oak box. From a single block, preserving the grain on all sides. The copper leaf top floats on a negative detail. The base is ebonized, finished with Renaissance wax; copper guilders paste highlights the grain. Tung oil inside.

Fantail box
Catalogue Number: 462

Solomon Queen  Ebony  with Padauk finial 

Turned in one piece embellished and carved 



Kauri Cremation Urn
Catalogue Number: 607

Kauri Cremation Urn (Agathis australis). 267mm H x 128mm widest Diam. to 90mm smallest Diam.

Kauri Lidded Box
Catalogue Number: 584

Square turned Kauri lidded box. Formed hollow for diamond rings. Sanded and polished to be pleasing to the eye.

210mm square

50mm Height

Highly Commended in Lidded Boxes
Koru Keeper
Catalogue Number: 460

Turned on 6 centers with a  hand carved bone Koru

When viewed   the scrolls appear to be moving

Finished with Indian Ink and Gilders paste  Lacquer  



Laminated trinket box
Catalogue Number: 456

This piece is Apricot and Elm with a red beech burl lid with bark inclusions filled with blue mica resin. Body has blue mica resin plugs. Size: H 50 mm x 105 mm dia

Catalogue Number: 563

Base is mottled siligna gum, lid is kahikatea from Mokau that had been struck with lightning as can be seen by the natural edge on the very top.

Base height 9cm, Full height 12cm.

French polish/shellac finish.

Morning light on Mt Cook
Catalogue Number: 492

An oak box. From a single block, preserving the grain on all sides. The gold leaf top floats on a negative detail. The base is ebonized, finished with liming wax; antique gold guilders paste highlights the grain. Tung oil inside.

Neat and tidy
Catalogue Number: 517

Small lidded box made from unknow wood, 50mm wide at base and 60mm at widest point.

Okogany Jewellery Box
Catalogue Number: 431

This box is turned from separate pieces of Oak and Mahogany. They have been assembled after finishing and sanding was completed. Overall height 187mm :  Diameter 230.

The finish is sprayed on two pot Mirotone Satin Lacquer.

3rd in Lidded Boxes
Pop-up Lid
Catalogue Number: 618

The lid style on this pretty Yunnan Poplar (Populus yunnanensis) box allows for easy one-handed opening and closing.  Box height 90mm.

Ring box
Catalogue Number: 457

This piece is Apricot with a Kami lid, 2 coats orange shellac with 5 coats lacquer, finished with Yorkshire grit. Size: H 40mm x 70 mm dia.