Entries - Wall Art

An item made principally from wood which is designed to be secured on a wall as a decorative item.  This may be a carving, sculpture, scroll saw work, marquetry, intarsia or any other woodwork, which may be embellished with other materials.  This entry is to be original work designed by the maker and not taken or copied from a pattern or book created by another person.

Contrast, lines and patterns (a)
Catalogue Number: 494

When knife and spoon is put on the chopping board, this creates new contrast, lines and patterns. Recycled timber, all oiled. Stuck with double sided tape. Easy to rearrange to get a different effect. Size is 532 x 255.


Contrast, lines, and patterns (b)
Catalogue Number: 495

When knife and spoon put on chopping board, they created new contrast, lines and patterns. Recycle timber, spoon and knives not oiled, board oiled. Stuck with double-sided tape, easy to rearrange for a different effect. Board is 440 x 290mm 

3rd in Wall Art
Kea in flight
Catalogue Number: 631

This Kea has been carved from Totara, painted and sealed.

The backboard has been carved in MDF to represent the Kea's natural habitat 

Catalogue Number: 407

Wood: Rimu

Texture: Pyrography and iridescent metallic paint

Height: 355mm

Width: 215mm

Solid Rimu board about 8mm thick and framed by me. The leaves have multiple layers of iridescent metallic coloures. 

1st in Wall Art
Lone Albatross cruising the ever-restless Southern Ocean
Catalogue Number: 421

Swamp kauri obtained from farmland 40 yrs ago in the Kaipara region.

1600mm x 900mm


Mining for Burl
Catalogue Number: 619

Pepper tree burl that was seeking exploration and mining to locate the burl within.  With eight hanging points for owner choice of hanging orientation.  About 250mm square.

Nautilus Sun Set
Catalogue Number: 599

Macrocarpa  530 x 580 x 30mm

The amazing grain in this timber has been highlighted by staining and embellishment 

This work will  be a real focal point in a batch or seaside home 

2nd in Wall Art
Tui in flight
Catalogue Number: 550

Representing its beautiful colours in full flight. The patterns on the back and wings represents the movement and displacement of air during flight. Radiata Pine throughout, Lumiere paints, Gilders Paste and clear Acrylic Enamel. Height 557mm.